To assist travellers, residents and the local population to share an amazing Bali exeperience

Our mission is to improve overall the “Bali-Experience” for Balinese, visitors and residents. In all our efforts we aim to support Bali, Bali’s businesses, local communities, and Balinese to move towards a brighter, and greener future.
Our mission is to become the most reliable one-stop market place for all Bali related services and products.


Work for the people of Bali and Indonesia to grow while preserving the magic of Bali

Our Vision is to be the no. 1 digital doorway to Bali and most comprehensive and reliable source of information about Bali for the global “Bali Community”. To mirror Bali in all its beauty and facets. We will assist all stakeholder to cooperate in improving the wellbeing of the residents of Bali, and to preserve nature.

Being Responsible


We believe that all stakeholders, Investors, Business Managers and Owners, Government, NGOs, residents, and last but not least the tourists need to become even more culturally and environmentally conscious. If Bali wants to manage successfully the continuous influx of capital investment, tourists and new residents then the concept of “Sustainability” needs to be anchored into our thoughts and actions. All stakeholders are dependent on each other!! All stakeholders have responsibility. Example: If some restaurants decide to act responsibly, recycle their waste for example, then we will help them to let the community know, that they are doing something for the island. We will help the consumers to find those restaurants, so they get the chance to know about it and then they at least have a choice. A choice on how to “re”-act to this information and a choice to act responsibly by deciding on where to spend their money.

Initiating and supporting CHANGE
At the beginning, we do not need everybody to change, to create overall change. Just a few can make a difference and others shall follow naturally. And we are determined to support all stakeholders that decide to act responsibly and support Bali.

There is a challenge ahead but also a unique opportunity for Bali and the Balinese.


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