Our Program In Simple Terms


Sign-up as Affiliate partner and integrate the Affiliate Link or QR Code

Promote our Digital Discount Card, the BaliCard

Make your Audience happy by giving them access to a great product

Get 30% Commission. Easy.

2. Place Link

3. Earn 30%

Our Program in Detail


What is the BaliCard?

The Bali.com BaliCard is Bali’s no.1 Digital Discount Card.

A discount Card, also sometimes referred to as a Tourist Pass, entitles travelers to a discount at certain venues and businesses. With our BaliCard, we provide access to a range of discounts on Bali’s top attractions, restaurants, hotels, villas, experiences, and services. We have partnered up with more than 150 awesome partners making the BaliCard an attractive purchase for any Bali Traveler. We are adding more partners continuously.

Travelers can choose between 3 different Cards, valid for 15 days, 30 days or 60 days.

More about the BaliCard, how it works & Prices

List of BaliCard Partner that offer Discount to the BaliCard owner


Who Should Join?

Our affiliate program is a perfect fit for:

  • Travel Bloggers and Influencers: Share the Bali experience with your audience and earn commissions along the way.
  • Tour Operators and Travel Agencies: Enhance your travel packages by offering our discount card, providing added value for your clients.
  • Hotel and Accommodation Owners & Villa Management Companies: Recommend our discount card to your guests in confirmation emails, or integrate the Card as part of your package making their Bali experience even more enjoyable.
  • Local Businesses: Partner with us to promote our card, offering your customers exclusive discounts.

and anybody who wishes to monetize Bali-related content while helping travelers uncover the magic of the Island of Gods at discounted prices.

Why becoming an Affiliate is great?

  • Attractive Product for your Audience Enhance the value you provide to your customers or followers.
  • High Earning Potential: We will pay 30% on each sale 
  • Reliable Tracking: Our tracking system ensures you get credit for your sale referred by your efforts, giving you full transparency on your earnings through your dashboard and affiliate center with a 30days cookie setting.
  • Easy Implementation: We provide you with your affiliate LINK that you can easily integrate into your content.  We will include a set of banners that you can use if you rather work with providing something more visual, to make promoting our discount card a breeze.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The BaliCard delivers great value and promotes quality experiences and venues. 
  • Very low minimum payout of only IDR 100,000. 
  • Quality: The BaliCard is more than just a discount card; it’s a gateway to Bali’s wonders and a selection of quality experiences. We are integrating partners that are conscious about the environmental issues and provide services that are culturally relevant and supporting the local businesses.

By becoming an affiliate, you’re not only gaining a passive income stream but also helping travelers make the most of their Bali adventure and getting access to some authentic parts of Bali.


Getting Started is Easy

    1. Sign Up: Complete our straightforward application form and receive your unique affiliate ID after we have approved your application.
    2. Promote: Start sharing your affiliate link in blog posts, social media, email newsletters, or anywhere your audience engages with Bali-related content.
    3. Earn Commissions: As your audience uses your affiliate link to purchase our discount card, you earn a commission on each sale.
    4. Track: Use our dashboard to track your earnings, analyze your performance.


Join Us in Sharing Bali’s Best  

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Affiliate FAQ

We will pay 30% of the selling price (gross value). VAT and payment costs will be covered by us. 

We will pay you the commission on a monthly basis. Minimum commission pay out is only IDR 100,000. Commission will be collected in IDR by us and will be transferred to your bank account in USA, EU, AUS, ID, NZ, , We will transfer the IDR amount and your local bank will convert into your local currency. In case you do not have a bank account in these regions we can transfer via paypal. 

Have a quick look at our terms and see a few restrictions that do apply.


The cooky lifetime is set to 30 days, which gives your audience plenty of time to purchase the BaliCard.

The traveler can buy the BaliCard already now and travel later, They can decide to activate the BaliCard within 6 months after purchase. 

In certain cases and depending on the platform and distribution we can discuss a special discount for your audience, which can increase the willingness to purchase the BaliCard through you. Please get in touch with us, if you feel that this would be something for you.

Email affiliate Manager: affiliates@bali.com

These are our BaliCard Products that you can promote and for which you will get a 15% commission in the Sale


One card entitles for discounts for up to 5 persons

Choose validity for 15, 30 or 60 days

IDR 225,000 (350,000)

(ca. ∼ 15 USD)

Buy Now

IDR 420,000 (600,000)

(ca. ∼ 28 USD)

Buy Now

IDR 665,000 (950,000)

(ca. ∼ 44 USD)

Buy Now

You are not coming to Bali soon? No problem, you can purchase your BaliCard already now and get the discount for your accommodation arrangements. You can choose the activation date of the card within 6 months of your purchase.