Medical Travel Insurance or Global Health Coverage

If you are traveling to Bali for holidays or going for a few months on a staycation on workation, in most cases a medical travel insurance is sufficient. If you are living in Bali more permanently and live a life as a remote worker or digital nomad a global health insurance is the way to go, which would also cover you in your “home country”.


Get your Medical Travel Insurance

Need a reputable global medical insurance (including covid coverage) for your Bali holiday?

if you don’t have already a medical travel insurance, it’s advisable to sign up for one in your home country or you can click on following link and check out the packages of our partner SafetyWings:

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Travel Insurance with Covid-19

GLOBAL HEALTH Insurance for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

When you are not just coming to Bali for a holiday or even for a “workation” for a few months, but intent to stay longer and do not have a medical insurance in your home country, then a Global Health Insurance is highly advisable.  Not having any health insurance can quickly end up in a disaster, because hospitals and doctors in Bali will not treat you, if you are not insured or can pay for your bills yourself.

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Travel Insurance for holiday makers is important

If you pay for your plane ticket with a certain credit card, you may be eligible for subsidized or even free travel insurance. In some cases, your health insurance policy at home, may cover medical treatments if anything happens to you in another country while traveling.

These policies often only apply to medical treatment received in a country other than the policyholder’s home country, and they typically impose limitations on the types of services and procedures that are covered. Coverage may end after a 30- or 60-day stay. It is crucial that you read the fine print of your travel insurance and understand exactly how it works in case of an emergency.

If you don’t have a medical travel insurance, we highly recommend you get one. Decent treatment can be very expensive in Bali and if you don’t pay or have an insurance if something happens to you, you will not get the treatment that you need.

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