Booking your Accommodation in Bali

Choosing the RIGHT accommodation is absolutely essential for you to have a positive Bali experience. For that, you need to understand a few things about Bali before booking. Foremost: Location, Location, Location. Why? The different destinations that you can visit are very different from one another, and you need to know how to can get from A to B. We therefore advise you strongly to get familiar with the different areas in Bali and become aware of your transportation options.


If you don’t know Bali well, we suggest to check out our Destination Guide first before booking your accommodation


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Some important tips when choosing your hotel, villa or resort

1.) Don’t get dazzled by the hotel names.
A hotel with Seminyak in the title might not exactly be in Seminyak – or just “at the edge of Seminyak” And a hotel that is called Royal Kuta, might not be royal nor in Kuta.

2.) Walking distance?
Once you selected the main tourist area such as Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, etc, and maybe used some filters such as budget per night and accommodation type (resort, villa) to see some accommodation options, then make sure you zoom in with the map! A hotel positioned near the coastline could make you believe it’s just a short walk to the beach or restaurants. But roads are tricky here in Bali and access is not always direct. Zoom the map and look at the roads closely, that will give you a clearer idea on how far you are actually away from the beach or places of interest.

3.) Accessibility
Transportation is important all through your holiday. Will you walk, drive a rented scooter, hop on a scooter taxi or grab a cab to get to where you want to go. Walking is possible, but not always pleasant, depending on whether there are sidewalks or not, and if there is heavy traffic or or or.
If your accommodation is located in a one-way road or in or near one of the streets, where there is usually heavy traffic, then getting around can become quite annoying.

4.) Reviews and Ratings
Even though ratings are not the holy grail by far they do give an indication about the general performance and condition of the staff and the property overall. Because of the many choices available in Bali, as a general rule of thumb, you can avoid any accommodation that has a rating less than 8 out of 10.


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Travelers can stay in the heart of Bali’s lively social scene or escape to one of the island’s many boutique hotels, tranquil private villas, or vacation rental properties. Backpackers on a tight budget can enjoy clean, relaxing accommodations, while those who want to live like royalty can do so at a very reasonable price. Before you book it’s absolutely crucial for your travel planning, that you know a little bit about the different destinations in Bali.

Bali Destination Guide - Where to Stay

Why Hotels, Resorts & Villas in Bali are often the Best in the Region

Style, Architecture, Service, Value for Money is unmatched

Accommodation in Bali is often designed with natural principles in mind, making use of local materials and traditional expertise in wood carving, stone-masonry, and architecture. From the smallest family run hotels to the most spacious resort getaways, Balinese style, arts, furniture, and architecture can be seen everywhere.

This style is noticeable not only in the design, but also in the way guests are treated. Balinese culture is warm, tolerant, and open to travelers who have been visiting Bali for decades. It is truly a very special atmosphere, and the authentic Balinese hospitality is magical.

The number of vacation rentals and private villas available in Bali has grown a lot in recent years. Stunning, high-end villas can be found throughout the island of Bali. Estates with up to eight bedrooms, tennis court, spa, and gym are available for rent online. It’s like booking the entire hotel for yourself. Even if you book a villa with two or three bedrooms, the nightly rate is likely to be lower than that of a similar hotel or resort.

Relaxation and fun are never far away. Families visiting resorts and hotels can enjoy the kids’ areas, lagoon pools, and even water slides. Most resorts and hotels offer spa treatments, massages, shopping, group outings, and all-day beach lounging. Some resorts, villas, and hotels provide access to golf courses where visitors can hit the links to clear their minds.

There are plenty of villas and small hotels that offer monthly and long-stay arrangements for the growing group of digital nomads and remote workers. It’s very common for a group of digital nomads who make Bali their base to simply share a space and form long-term friendships.

Travelers looking for something a little different can enjoy unique boutique hotels that fuse local elements with international style. Bali is also a popular romantic destination, and those looking for a special private escape can find their own hideaway in a variety of areas and price ranges.

The Island of the Gods is well-known as one of the best wedding destinations in the world. Bali’s white sand beaches and lush tropical jungles are ideal for couples to exchange vows. Villas provide the ideal honeymoon escape, allowing traveling couples to enjoy each other in comfort while their every desire is met.

Bali is also a popular business travel destination, hosting some of the region’s largest and most important conventions and conferences, including the G20 Bali summit in 2022. Many of the island’s resorts in the south, around Nusa Dua, provide the best of both worlds, with spacious and well-appointed conference rooms and meeting spaces, as well as tranquil settings that allow business people to focus on tough deals while relaxing. Just a word of caution, the healthy balance of work and play that Bali offers may prevent you from ever returning to the office.