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Bali’s Nightlife

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  • Famous Bintang Beer
  • Hotspots: Seminyak & Canggu
  • The rough & wild in Kuta
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The real nightlife often starts well after midnight. However, at beach clubs, the partying may begin at sunset. Relax and meet new people at one of Bali’s many beach clubs, nightclubs, or upscale bars, which all serve delectable cocktails, imported beers, and tasty bites. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the most happening nights for nightlife.

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The Best Places in Bali to Party and enjoy the Nightlife

Clubs & Discos

Beach Clubs

Rooftop Bars

Bali Nightlife & Clubbing

Sunset usually signals when the scene starts to kick off in Bali, and once it starts, the party never stops. It could even begin earlier, as many bars and pubs offer happy hours. Oftentimes, beachgoers are already lounging on chairs provided by vendors on the beach with a cheap, icy cold Bintang beer, just waiting to watch the sun sink into the sea.
After darkness sets in, it’s time to head out for a bite to eat. Dining in one of Bali’s many top-notch restaurants is a leisurely affair, and meals often drag on late, to be washed down with glasses of wine, cold mugs of beer, or some smooth cocktails. After filling everyone’s bellies, it’s time to continue the nightlife adventure at one of the island’s many exciting venues.

Because Bali has so many great spots to try, a night out usually involves hopping from club to club to experience different styles of music and atmosphere. Some of Bali’s clubs are rowdy and wild, while some are hip and contemporary, and still others more elegant and sophisticated. All of these can be experienced in the same night, though large clubs have made it easier for those who do not want to travel by providing food, drinks, and multiple dance floors playing different music genres, all under one roof.
Clubs typically stay open late in Bali, often continuing to serve drinks and play music until 3 or 4 in the morning. Don’t want the fun to end? There are lots of after-hours venues to chill and socialize far into the morning for nocturnal partygoers.

Bali has long been widely favored as the place to be for clubbing and nightlife; establishments such as bars and clubs found in 5-star hotels are also fairly popular. Nearly half a century ago, the island was a popular stop for hippies and surfers, and its relaxed and tolerant culture has allowed a thriving party scene to grow over the past decade. Its close proximity to other Asian countries and Australia has turned Bali into a world-class destination for partying and nightlife.

However, it is interesting to note that Bali, as part of Indonesia, a Muslim-majority country, allows such pleasure-seeking activities to fuel the tourism economy on the Island of the Gods. There is a growing club scene on the island, and more and more people are visiting from all over the world, so there are plenty of opportunities to party.

Currently, Bali is undergoing a transition into a more “matured” party scene with the development of incredible new clubs.
Especially on the weekends, popular nightlife destinations like La Favela, ShiShi, and Mirror are jam-packed with partygoers. Meanwhile, the epicenter of Bali’s nightlife can still be found in the surrounding areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and even further south in the Bukit Peninsula, such as Uluwatu and Ungasan.

When it comes to nightlife, South Bali is where it’s at.

The following nightlife spots are well-known to the international crowd of tourists who visit Bali year after year.


Rooftop lounges and bars are gaining ground in Kuta. With megaclubs, ultra-cheap drinks, and a musical focus on reggae, top 40, R&B, and mainstream dance music, Kuta attracts a wilder crowd. During the holiday season, Kuta has become a playground for travelers, attracting partygoers from all over the world, but especially Australians on “Spring Break.” However, the overall atmosphere is a bit more “rough,” and drinking seems to be the focus more than style and atmosphere.


Seminyak typically attracts a hipper, more refined group of clubbers than Kuta, and is home to many trendy bars and clubs. Most expatriates also hang out in Seminyak. The focus is more on eye-catching venues with top of the line sound systems and international DJs playing house, techno, dubstep, and other cutting edge sounds. Drinks are of higher quality, mostly prepared by skilled bartenders using imported ingredients. Make no mistake though, Seminyak’s clubs are still as wild as they come.


Canggu has a laid-back, bohemian vibe and welcomes all types of travelers who want to party while also celebrating a healthy lifestyle. The clubbing scene is still young here, and more places will open up while others will close. Canggu is not only for parties and nightlife, and is probably the best place to be in Bali these days. Although the same level of nightlife hype found in Kuta and Seminyak has not reached the shores of Canggu yet, the bars in Canggu draw in their crowds.


Much further south, on the coast of the Bukit Peninsula, the clubs in Uluwatu invite thousands of partygoers and world-class DJs to clifftop parties where everyone wants to have a good time and be seen. It’s not easy to get down there, but once you do, you’ll find that the views are breathtaking and the atmosphere is just right for partying in class and style.

Why is Bali’s Nightlife so Epic?


Bali’s nightlife, like many other parts of the island, can be overwhelming because there are so many things to experience. Bar hopping, or bar crawling, is the practice of visiting many places in order to choose the one that best suits one’s current mood or preferences on any given day. Whatever your mood, budget, or crowd preferences may be, you’ll find it in Bali.

Fair Prices

If you’re looking to have a good time at a party, you won’t break the bank buying booze in Bali. Clubs and venues have improved their ambiance and services while investing in high-quality booze with no cover charge. In a Muslim country, import tariffs might drive up the price of booze from other countries.

Great Crowd

The people of Bali are quite diverse. The island of Bali is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. You’ll meet interesting people from many walks of life, and the chill vibe will make it easy to strike up conversations and establish new friends. The islands bars and clubs are popular meeting places for single locals, foreign workers, and tourists from all over the world.