Scuba Diving Guide for Bali and surrounding Islands

With all of the remote areas around Bali, it was a bit challenging to compile comprehensive guide 
to scuba diving on the island. The ocean is always changing, and divers have a lot of needs. Some places are hard to get to and may not be good all year. On the other hand, divers always say good things about some diving spots, and they are good all year long. Here is a taste of all the information ahead that you need to know about scuba diving in Bali.

Scuba Diving Essentials

Explore the underwater world of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Ceningan.

Fascinated by marine life and all things marine-related? Three islands off Bali’s southeast coast—Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan—offer some of the best scuba diving among Indonesia’s coral wonders.

Some of the islands’ dive spots are so well-known among experienced divers because they offer challenging but always rewarding dives. There are huge reef mantas and mola mola waiting for you, as well as strong currents around the seas colorful reefs. The underwater photography opportunities and abundance of fascinating macro finds in these protected regions are second to none.

Today,  Bali’s diving spots are well-developed, where recreational scuba divers go to enjoy the underwater environment or for training purposes. There are a variety of scuba programs available, from beginner levels to advanced, as well as opportunities in commercial diving. Professional diving teams offer a wide range of lodging and dining options.

You can take a boat (30 minutes) to any of the islands from Sanur on the main island. Between Ceningan and Lembongan, there is a big yellow bridge. 

We’ve put together a list of scuba diving centers where you can get your PADI or SSI certification, go on dive tours, and even spend the night on a safari. With our map and information on the best 30 places to dive, you’ll know what to expect and where to go. On our Bali diving guide page, we talk in depth about the weather, the seasons, and the best way for a diver to use the tides.

Scuba Diving Centres in Bali