Uluwatu & Ungasan is known for…

  • Luxurious Resorts
  • An iconic temple
  • Trendy beach clubs
  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Fancy spa treatments

How is Uluwatu & Pecatu in general?

Surf and Splurge at Uluwatu

Uluwatu is the name of a breathtaking and important temple “Pura Luhur Uluwatu” southwest of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. It is also a name given to a nearby surf break, which is considered to be one of the best in the world. For the past few years, the greater area of Pecatu, where you will find Uluwatu, has been developing very rapidly with world-class beach clubs, high-end accommodation and luxurious spas being built on spectacular locations overlooking the endless Indian Ocean. Affordable guest houses, surf and yoga camps can also be found in Uluwatu, this area is the perfect choice for travellers on a budget looking for a place slightly removed from the commotion.

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Uluwatu & Pecatu – Guide & Insights

Being on the western side of the Bukit Peninsula, it’s an amazing place for stunning views of the coastline. Far removed from the wild excitement allows Uluwatu to enjoy the serene side of Bali along the shore. From backpackers who are looking to stay in beach shacks and bungalows to elegantly furnished villas for the modern, luxury traveller. Nevertheless, Uluwatu offers nothing short of breathtaking views.

Hotel & Resorts

Most budget accommodations are aimed at surfers and backpackers and are plentiful around the Uluwatu surf break. Some newer and fancier cliff-side hotels are also available with high-end beach resorts for big spending travellers who are able to splurge. Many stunning private villas are also on offer for long and short-term rental. Plenty of these places are situated on gorgeous cliffs designed in bohemian decor for a casual atmosphere overlooking the ocean.


Local food options are relatively limited in this area. Still, some nice little warungs cater mostly to tourists, as well as an increasing number of small restaurants serving high-quality international fare. You’ll find great cafes located nearby the beaches and main streets serving excellent coffee, smoothie bowls, and sandwiches. Excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner will usually cost you a pretty, but still affordable, penny and offer a variety of tastes.

Going Out

Many beach clubs open till late every weekend. DJs from around the world are usually invited by the bigger clubs during the holiday season. Most of these places will charge you an entrance fee or have a minimum purchase policy, so you better ask in advance and make a reservation before your arrival.  Age restriction and dress code policies may also be applied.

For the less rowdy bunch, some humble cafes around the Uluwatu surf break have live music shows at night, meanwhile the bars in the area are always busy but tend to close early. 

Going Out

By day, conquer the waves of Uluwatu’s beaches. By night, sleep in a laid-back escape at a boutique resort, where exotic views meet sophistication. Here you can find the best guide to enjoy your luxurious holiday in Uluwatu.

Luxury Guide

Beaches in Uluwatu are good places for sunbathing and swimming, although sometimes these can be hard to access as they are situated at the bottoms of cliffs. At the north side of the temple, there are several hidden beaches such as Suluban, Padang-Padang, Bingin, and Dreamland, which is considered the new Kuta beach with pristine sand.

Massive left-hand barrels are routine at surf spots nearby, makes it perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers. Beginner surfers are strongly advised to hire an instructor when surfing in Uluwatu.


Uluwatu is one of the must-visit areas in Bali. It has several iconic attractions you shouldn’t miss on your Bali vacation. Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple is a large structure that is almost 1,000 years old. The complex is set on breathtaking limestone cliffs with crashing surf below. It is also home to a large colony of mischievous monkeys, so visitors should watch their loose possessions carefully!

Kecak dances are regularly performed here at sunset. At the surf break of Uluwatu, steps and paths lead down to a cave and beach that open onto one of the world’s most famous surf spots. Along the cliffside, warungs, surf and souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants serving the never-ending crowd of surfers who travel from around the world to give the wave a try, as well as visitors who want to enjoy the view.

The present Uluwatu temple complex was built under the instructions of a Javanese Hindu sage in the 11th century and later developed by Hindu priests. However, it is said to have been the site of a temple for much longer. It is considered to protect the island of Bali from evil spirits. The surf break of Uluwatu first gained international attention in the 1970s, and since then has attained almost mythical status as one of the world’s best waves.

Most of the upscale hotels and villas in Uluwatu provide transportation service for their guests. Some beach clubs, spas, and restaurants offer return shuttle service for their VIP guests. Though be aware, free shuttle is not always applied, some business will charge you extra to get free transport. If you prefer more privacy, hiring a car rental with a driver is the perfect choice. Renting a scooter from a rental is also a great idea; but only if you have experience to ride two-wheelers.

However, some tourists are prone to accidents when driving under the influence in the dimly lit and narrow roads, so it’s highly recommended to ask for a taxi after a night out instead of driving on their own. 

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