The Best Beach Clubs in Bali

Nothing states tropical paradise more than Bali’s lush green scenery, wonderful culture, people, and of course the combination of endless sun, beaches and palm trees. And where to enjoy this combination better than at Bali’s famous Beach Clubs?

Top Reasons to visit a Bali Beach Club

  • Prime Locations (Seaside, Beach Access)
  • Atmosphere (Music, Stunning Views, Nature, Architecture)
  • Comfort (Showers, Pool, Towels, Deckchairs, Internet)
  • Family Friendly (depending on time of day, facilities, events)
  • Party & Style (DJs, Theme Parties, Dance floors, Live Bands)
  • Exclusivity (Privacy, Service, Quality)
  • Culinary Delights (Cocktails, Food Selection, Cold Drinks)

Beach Clubs & Nightlife

Bali’s nightlife-star is rising higher and higher

The brilliance of Mother Nature means beautiful views all through the day. Most days there are 50 shades of blue, coz grey is so passé, followed by the sunset brushes of deep orange, yellow and gold. But that is just the beginning; Bali’s Beach Clubs cater to all your senses. Allow the bartenders to treat you to their signature cocktails as you listen to the live band or mixed sounds of the international DJs. And do not skip the delicious food.

Bali’s Beach Clubs are unique and offer a large variety of facilities and restaurant and bar concepts. You have seen one, you have definitely not seen them all. Party Goers, families and honeymoon couples have different requirements but will all be happy to find their perfect beach club in Bali.


Beach Clubs in Bali

Beach Clubs and Day Clubs are becoming more famous, more fancy. Some of them invite some of the best DJs in the region and turn into a clubbing place after dinner time. Spend your day or afternoon at the pool watching the sea while listening to cool tunes and enjoying snacks and cocktails.

Most beach clubs in Bali have an amazing view of the ocean and come with direct access to the beach, but not all spots are suitable for swimming in the ocean for different reasons. Tides, cliffs and rocks, strong currents might be in your way of a refreshing swim in the ocean. Therefore usually clubs include swimming pools, so a cooling dip in the water doesn’t need to be salty and sandy.

Beach Clubs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; there is the party at daytime type of beach club with upbeat music as well as the laidback, family friendly club with a more relaxed vibe. Some clubs are family friendly during the day and turn into hot party locations when the sun sets.

Alcohol is available – even though Indonesia is a Muslim country. Bali, since it is accepted by the central government as a Hindu province, is a very liberal place. You can get almost any type of alcohol. While the imported boos and wine are usually more expensive than in your home country, the local beer “Bintang” is sold at a very fair price.


Some might require a reservation while others happily welcome you any time you walk in. There are clubs that offer an all-inclusive package for food, drinks and sun beds, while others welcome you as an a-la-carte guest of there restaurant or bar.

Minimum age restriction applies in some places, make sure you do some research for terms, conditions and prices.