Legian is known for…

  • Great Beach & Surf
  • Spa & massage
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Affordable hotels
  • Tattoo studios

How is Legian in general?

Party and Surf at Legian

Legian is an extension of Kuta as both areas share pretty similar vibes, although most people find it hard to identify what is considered a part of Kuta or Legian. However the one big difference between these two is that Kuta is more likely to attract people during the day, while Legian shines more during the night. The main roads of Legian are home to popular mega-clubs that host fantastic DJ-performances.

Unlike other places on the island that would normally charge high prices for alcohol, most of the clubs, pubs and bars in Legian relatively serve ultra-cheap drinks to cater towards younger crowds. This includes accommodation, food, and everything else being generally affordable in Legian. It makes this area perfect for those travelling on a budget.

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Legian – Guide & Insights

You can’t go wrong when staying in Legian, since it is smack in the middle between two roaring neighborhoods, and anywhere you stay grants you easy access to the greater area. Legian Beach stretches onto both Double Six, Seminyak, and Kuta Beach so finding a place in Legian means relatively easy access to all areas. You’ll find affordable beachfront resorts and 4* hotels that will provide comfort and luxury overlooking the ocean.

Hotel & Resorts

Many offer great value for travellers on tight budgets, although you’ll find Kuta to be relatively cheaper in some parts, but Legian offers a compromise with its location being in between Seminyak and Kuta. The villas in the area offer another level of comfort for those looking to spend a little more for accommodation, all relatively within walking distance to Legian Beach, which adds to its perks of staying in the area.


You’ll find all sorts of places to eat along the main street of Legian. From amazing cafes to nicer restaurants, even the beach club right by Legian beach, Legian does not fall short with its neighboring areas in terms of culinary experiences. For those on a low to mid-range budget and are willing to try the local food scene, street vendors and warungs are always happy to serve their traditional flavors for tourists to enjoy.

Going Out

Legian’s nightlife begins from the evening and lasts until the early hours of the morning. Music will be blasting and large crowds will fill up the main street, where you’ll find a range of bars, nightclubs, and beach clubs that accommodate the mob. Party goers will be pleased to know that Legian can easily compete with Kuta and Seminyak in their night scene. Themed parties and reasonably-priced drinks make this area one of the best places to experience Bali at night.

Going Out

If you’re looking for a great surf break to challenge yourself as an experienced surfer, Legian Beach is the place to be. Looking to learn how to surf? There are a couple of surfing schools in the area, which are pretty affordable too. However if you’re more inclined to stay by the shore, don’t worry as there are plenty of people who come to enjoy the beach for activities outside the water. Legian Beach is best enjoyed as a peaceful atmosphere, being nestled between Seminyak and Kuta. Take a walk along the sand, or a jog along the street, watch the morning sun rise or set in the evening.


Legian’s activities mostly consist of fun at the beach as it is a popular place to play soccer, beach tennis, or volleyball. At dawn and dusk, you might find joggers around the area. There are also some excellent surf breaks here, which are slightly more challenging than those in Kuta. Seeing as Legian is less busy compared to Kuta and Seminyak, most tourists would explore the main street before branching off to the other neighborhoods. However don’t overlook shopping in the area, though it will require a bit of haggling when hunting for mementos.

Legian was once a small and undeveloped village, but as Kuta became a more recognised name, tourists began moving north in search of a quieter place. As time passed, Legian grew and became connected to Kuta, with the two being almost indistinguishable today. One major difference, however, is that while Kuta Beach has a street that leads directly to it, Legian Beach is only accessible from a few parking areas, through hotels, or by walking north from Kuta, which has kept it a tad less crowded in comparison.

Truthfully, the area is fairly walkable, it’s not as widespread as its two neighboring areas so good exercise is always an option. Although if you prefer some shade when traveling or a breezy vehicle, the common mode of transport is hiring a car rental with a private driver, and online taxis such as Gojek or Grab are readily available. Although most Bali tourists prefer renting a scooter as the best way to explore the island, you usually need a license to rent one without getting into trouble.

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